Poem: "A Prayer for My Anxious Cat"

My half-Siamese cat, (Nancy) Sinatra, is pictured. 

A Prayer for My Anxious Cat

By Rachel E. Watson

Don’t be afraid, my darling feline
with velvet-tipped toes
and downy-thick fur.

It’s only the coming of the dawn,
and it happens every day
to the anxious and content.

So take your racing heart
and still it in the warmth
and safety of my arms.

I will hold you tightly
until the grip of fear releases;
you’ll find me a kindly protector.

And then when the sun has risen
I will draw the bay window shades
and you may sleep at ease in the sun.

O Ruler among cat pyramids,
O, saucy Sultan of Siam (Thailand),
Let peace take o’er your heart,
Let joy inhabit your steps,
Let safety claim your trust,
Let love be the balm you seek.

Copyright © Rachel E. Watson 2015.

About the poem and my cat

I wrote this poem on Monday, after a period of holding Sinatra and soothing her because something about the coming of morning seems to make her anxious. She yowls. Continuously. And paces. And gets a worried look on her face. It's not food-related, because before Stage Yowl, I already fed her. And it's not that she wants us to wake up and play with her, because, many times, if I get up, she'll completely ignore me and keep yowling.

But I don't care. Sinatra is so special to me. She is an instrument of God's love and mercy in my life.

I try not to fret too much that litter-box training has never been fully successful, that she wakes me up so early every day, and that she hisses at strangers and doesn't like physical affection, even from me, her favorite person, most of the time.

Why don't these things ultimately cause me and my husband to find her a new home? Because all of these things don't outweigh what she means to me. In fact, they make it so much more touching when she seeks me out of her own free will — crawls into bed with me and makes a little nest right next to my legs, purring like an engine — or, like this morning, shares the hours of pre-dawn insomnia with me, making the time more bearable simply by her quiet, curious, seeking nearness.

She is one of life's biggest blessings as I try to do the work of being a balanced person.

Thank you, Jesus, Spirit, Father, for your good gifts, your beautiful creation, your love for little ones like Sinatra.

May I never forget how important we both are to you. 

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