"Jane Austen at Home: A Biography," by Lucy Worsley

This book was such a thorough and interesting deep dive into Austen's life, covering her moves from home to home because of increasingly straitened financial circumstances in her large family. 

I had no idea her brothers/extended family were such a bunch of scalawags, taking every opportunity to enrich themselves at the expense of her and her sister, who both remained single and unprovided for. It seems like her sister, Cassandra, was the only bright spot in her life, and they stuck together.

The domestic responsibilities/financial burdens I learned she had make it all the more amazing that she wrote and published her novels, since they eventually ended up without servants, doing their own cooking and housekeeping and getting around without a carriage. 

Austen was truly a woman ahead of her time for remaining committed to her writing when it was not looked upon kindly or convenient for her to do so.

Pick this one up, and you'll learn a ton about eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century life in addition to the Austen family history.