The Importance of Having Parents

In the last couple of years, I have been called Miss Journalist, Miss Independent and Miss Sassy Young Intern-- all of those names, and more I could mention, but I won't.

And yet this last weekend, I was reminded that even independent, almost-college-grads like myself sometimes need parental guidance.

It was about a boy, as most good stories are.

I "met" him during J-term. I qualify the word "met," because we didn't actually meet face to face at first. He e-mailed me in my Herald editor capacity to let me know about his political blog.

Initially I just passed it off as another press release, but for some reason decided to e-mail him back anyway, to thank him for the heads up and let him know I'd pass on the info about his site to my fellow editors.

When I did that, something sparked between us, even through e-mail, and we just kept e-mailing back and forth. We found out we had two mutual friends, and a lot more than that in common. And, after almost two weeks of e-mailing, he asked me out.

We went out. Three times. It was wonderful in every sense. We had this great connection. Total chemistry. We are intellectual equals, passionate about many of the same causes, believers of the same truth, and most especially bound by our common faith.

But we moved too fast, and after prayerfully considering it, he asked me if we could take a step back, to just being friends.

And somehow, I'm OK with that.

A huge blessing that has come out of this is the fact that when he asked if we could hold off on our fourth date last Friday, I decided to go home and spend some time with my parents and get their perspective on things. I hadn't seen them since Christmas anyway, so it was great timing.

For the first time (or maybe it just feels that way because it's been so long), BOTH of my parents sat down with me and had a normal conversation about something important in my life. They gave me advice. I asked questions. They listened. It was so cute... there we were, sitting on their bed, with me all cozy in the middle and a parent on either side, just talking about male/female dynamics in relationships.

The last time I sat between them like that was probably way back when I had nightmares as a kid and would come running into their room to jump into bed with them.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I am so thankful for my parents.

A month ago I was completely content to be single-- LOVING it, in fact. Then this guy came along and shook things up in my life. I don't know if or when it will ever go beyond friendship with him, but I just want to say thanks. To God, mostly, for sending this guy. Even if nothing happens, he was instrumental in bringing me closer to my parents than I was before.

And that, my friends, is something we could all use a little bit more of in this life.

My parents, John and Beth Watson, at Craig's Cruisers during Thanksgiving break 2007.

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