The Way You Move Me, Honey

My musical tastes were shaped early on by piano lessons, church songs, free subscriptions to BMG music, and my buddies' basement bands.

Although I've branched out since then and found my own faves, occasionally I find myself returning to my roots.

This morning's commute to class was one example as I played into my Tuesday mood and listened to the effortless lyric poetry of Chris Rice (no, he's not related to Damien.)

Smellin' Coffee, anyone?

What beauty he captures, what simple joys he finds in life. If more of us could tap that joy, we'd all be a little better off.

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Rachel Monfette said...

Rachel, I LOOOOOOVE his old stuff. I don't know what happened to him--greeting cards, Chris?? Really?? But when I listen to those oldies of his I am refreshed at the deepest place. Sometimes Love... what a classic!

Rachel E. Watson said...

Yeah. He's definitely not afraid to ask those hard questions. (see "How Long," "Questions for Heaven," and "Big Enough.")