Handwritten Blog Post Challenge

This blog entry is part of #HandwrittenPost challenge started by Lexical Jen over at Wordpress: Write a blogpost by hand, possibly including doodles, and post it to your blog.

Lexical Jen explains in her post the idea was inspired by a recent New York Times article called "What's Lost as Handwriting Fades."

The article cites a 2012 study wherein 5-year-old children were asked to reproduce letters in three ways: free-form, by tracing along dotted lines, and by typing. Scientists then scanned the brains of participants while showing them images of the letters written in each mode. Researchers found the children's brains exhibited the most activity when looking at the freehand writing they'd done.

While the point of the study was that teaching penmanship in early childhood will "facilitate reading acquisition" better than teaching only typing, I find the results just as applicable to writing in adulthood. As a longtime pen-and-notebook journal writer, I can personally attest I've often had better topic ideas come to me during the course of hand-writing than when I've started out with a keyboard and a blank screen. 

All of that said, here's my quick contribution to Lexical Jen's challenge:

OK, maybe not every handwritten post is inspired. But it sure can be a fun learning experience.

Want to join the challenge? Write a blog post and tag it #HandwrittenPost.

Happy writing!

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