Poem: "Gratitude for You"

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Gratitude for You

When we say our prayers each night,
We thank God for each other, our home, our friends.
We thank Him for our furry companions,
Our vocations, our callings that intersect.

Over our families we speak a prayer for safety,
And blessing and love and gratitude,
We think of each sibling and parent
However nearby or however far away.

With humor, wit and joy we make our way
On a winding and sometimes thorny path
That is filled with reminders great and small
Of the oneness we’ve pledged to forge.

The winter creeps in and blankets our hearts,
Then the spring renews and cleanses.
The summer is a time of abundance and joy,
And the fall is a harvest of blessing.

Wherever we’re at in one of these seasons,
We’ll have a hand to hold and a heart to cherish,
A home to call our own, just yours and mine,
Because I've got you and you've got me.

Copyright © Rachel E. Watson 2014.

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