A Poem About Distraction: "Social Media Blues"


Social Media Blues

By Rachel Watson

I’ve got a deadline. A project due in less than a week.
I open my blank document, start typing titular details,
left-aligned, top of the page and single-spaced.

Then I see a little red “1” on my phone screen, so I go
check that. It’s just a status update from someone I starred.
She was sharing a Buzzfeed quiz.

But oh, wait, I haven’t seen this quiz. Maybe I really need
to know whether I’m a mountain or beach vacation.
It will only take a minute. Promise.

Great. Quiz done. It’s time to focus. Shoot. I just remembered
that last night I finished reading a Neil Gaiman novel
and totally forgot to update Goodreads.

So I go do that, moving it from “reading” to my “read”
bookshelf. While I’m here, though, I might as well check
to see if anyone’s left me a recommendation.

What! How did I not know Anne Lamott had another
book out? Time to hop over to Amazon and order
that bad boy. Omg, I’m getting free shipping on this.

I’ve got to tell my Twitter followers it’s out, that I liked
the Gaiman book, that I’m a mountain vacation
(in the Alps, no less), and see what’s trending.

How did it get to be lunchtime? Where has the day
gone? And then I hear the whooshing
sound of a new text message.

Rabbit trail re-entered. Shuffle and repeat.

Copyright © Rachel E. Watson 2015.

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