Things I've Noticed on My Morning Run

The college whose outdoor track I like to use.

This spring, I've rediscovered my love of running or walking on the community college's outdoor track in our neighborhood. It's delightful to get there before the sun gets too warm and feel the breeze on my face and hear the birdsong in the air while I exercise.

I've also been pairing that time with some shameless people-watching. Here are a few things I've noticed about humanity while I pound the pavement:

1. Some people are grouchy. Say hi to them and they will pretend they didn't hear you, even though you know they aren't wearing headphones. I understand that for a lot of people, exercise time is "me time." But still, how hard is it to say hello back when someone says it to you?

2. Some people are toooo friendly. Recently I ran what was probably my best time because there was a guy leaning on the fence who kept staring every lap I'd make, and I didn't want to slow down and risk conversation with him. Now who's the grouchy one?

3. The neighborhood is full of life and beauty. We live in our town's historic homes district, and it is widely known to be one of the largest and prettiest in our state. Right now, there's a construction project going on across the street from the track, so it's fun to watch the crew as I make my way past them each lap. Construction crews are fascinating, the way they all know what to do and how to work together. And the neighborhood is green and full of flower gardens and people walking and biking and skateboarding. Like I said, full of life and beauty.

4. Sometimes people are odd. Yesterday I got to the track early, thinking I'd have it to myself, but there was a yogi with his mat in full downward dog. Right ON the track. I had to think about how I would politely ask him to move, and I had the speech all worked out, but then by the time I got around to him on the track, he had already moved. But as I got closer, I noticed he was only wearing boxer briefs. In public. Yuck!

5. The nurses are fun to watch. Right next door to the track there's a hospital, so a lot of nurses or support personnel like to come out to the track and walk during their breaks. As I pass large groups of them I hear snippets of conversation about what it's like to work in a hospital. It reminds me of stories from my mom, who is a retired nurse.

I could go on, but I'd rather hear your people-watching stories. Leave me a comment and we'll chat to our heart's content.

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Unknown said...

Yikes! "Retired nurse." First time I've seen it in print. I guess it's official. But can one ever truly retire a nurse? Hmm, I think not...

Rachel E. Watson said...

Good point! You'll still be bandaging and giving advice and "smoothing fevered brows" all throughout retirement, I'm sure.