When in Doubt, Color

I color in several different coloring books when
I'm feeling anxious. This is one of them.

Last night I watched a new Netflix detective show, "Marcella." It stars one of my favorite BBC actresses, Anna Friel, of "Our Mutual Friend" fame. After two episodes of the show, I was a shaky, anxious mess.

If you don't like scary movies or serial killer plots, don't watch "Marcella."

After the show, I was pacing and jittery. I went for a walk. Only helped somewhat.

So my brilliant husband suggested I whip out one of my three adult coloring books and have at it.

Here's what I colored last night.

If you are anxious or stressed, it's a well-documented fact that coloring has amazing benefits for adults, including better focus and increased mindfulness. In an article for The Washington Post, psychologist Craig Sawchuk at Mayo Clinic said that coloring acts "almost like a volume knob to turn down the sympathetic nervous system, the stress response."

Still not convinced? Maybe a personal testimonial will help. Last night I was sure I would have nightmares because of watching that show, but after an hour of coloring I was calm and relaxed.

I slept like a rock.

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