My Memories with Audrey Hepburn

Last night I was talking to a new friend about favorite movies, and suddenly I remembered my long-lost friend Audrey Hepburn. I hadn't thought of her in quite some time, but last night my mind began to drift as it would over a "Moon River," back to the memories Audrey and I have shared.

I had to play the song and reminisce about the good times, such as when we went on a "Roman Holiday" together,

after which we went to New York and ate at "Breakfast at Tiffany's"

where we bumped into a girl named "Sabrina"

whom of course Audrey always referred to as "My Fair Lady."

Ha, but sometimes I think it was all just a big "Charade,"

and the only way to know if any of it was real is to "Wait Until Dark."

Somehow, I think we would have been good friends, Audrey and I.

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