On Seeing Fireworks ... Alone


"On Seeing Fireworks ... Alone"

By Rachel E. Watson

There is fire in the sky,
And a hole in my heart.
There are friends all around,
But most people strangers.

I love watching faces,
There are so many kinds.
The city is bursting,
With all sorts of life.

On nights like tonight,
With people in seas.
I wonder how it is
So many feel alone.

I don’t want to ruin
A night like tonight.
So I’ll think on blessings,
And watch the dark sky.

A thick cloud of haze
Hangs fast in the air.
The moon gazes at me,
As I gaze right back.

I don’t know why I’m sad,
And at the same time not.
It seems like my feelings
Have so many shades.

The unneeded scurry
After the show,
Reminds me of clocks,
And how time controls.

Time can be ruthless,
Urging my sorrow.
If not for time’s hand,
I wouldn’t feel pressure.

Pressure to be and do-
Pressure to find someone-
Pressure to watch the sky-
Within a set of arms.

On the Fourth of July,
I always feel alone.
I want not to feel
Alone, but I do.

Copyright © Rachel E. Watson 2009.

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Myrtle said...

I Love your poem, the part about feelings have many different shades. I can sympathize, I don't know if it is a feeling of loneliness or melancholy. Blessings, Annie

Rachel E. Watson said...

Thanks Annie. I stumbled across your blog the other day and was blessed by its beauty and wisdom. Blessings right back at you!